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- Add Takeuchi (2009) results. Waves (non-vesicle) case between "hypercycles and timescales" and "Nicholson-Baily", vesicle case at the end (after Takeuchi 2003)

Prebiotic Evolution and more

We have discussed various model formalisms and developed some feeling for what we can learn from models. Now we shift focus to biological themes, where we use models to obtain greater insight into biology. We start with one of the great themes of biology, and science in general, the origin of life.

external image life-on-early-earth.jpg
external image life-on-early-earth.jpg

In this section:
  1. Prebiotic evolution
    • RNA world
  2. Quasi-species theory (Eigen & Schuster)
  3. Hypercycles
  4. Ecology and evolution: the fallacy of separation of timescales
  5. Vesicles and group selection

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