Lecture Notes on Bioinformatic Processes/Computational Biology

On this wikispace lecture notes are collected, which were made by the assistents of the Bioinformatic Porcesses/Computational Biology course. The wikispace was started in 2006-2007 and contains notes from multiple course years.

The structure so far:
- trying to make a readable framework originally based on the lectures of the 2006-2007 course Bioinformatic Process which is nicely linked to Wikipedia (or other external links) with references. The pages have been updated in 2014-2015 to reflect the structure of the course (now called "Computational Biology") at that point.
- below the references there are direct notes as recorded in the lectures: we could transform these into a clearer note form which can be more easily referenced.
- any thoughts welcome ...

Please be aware that this wiki does not claim to cover the full contents of the course, nor that these notes are necessarily a fully correct representation of it. They were made by assistents of the course and provided
to you
as a complementary source of information. You can use them in combination with your own lecture notes to check your comprehension of the concepts.

Getting Started

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The following topics are covered in this wiki (see also the menu in the sidebar):
  1. Introduction
  2. Modeling formalisms and concepts
    • here we lay the ground work: an overview of various kinds of modeling formalisms
    • we develop concepts, in particular that of mesoscale patterns.
  3. TODO: Opportunity vs optimality
    • here we look at the role of opportunities in the environment relative to adaptation and the evolution of behaviour
  4. Prebiotic evolution and more
    • here we look at the origin of life and evolution in light of various model formalisms
  5. Constructive evolution
    • here we look at how the evolutionary process can be a constructive process (rather than merely optimizing)
  6. Coping with variable environments
    • here we look at evolutionary adaptations to variable environments
  7. Multi-level modeling
    • here we look at various multi-level modeling approaches (incomplete!)
  8. Conclusion
    • here we draw up conclusions about modeling complex (and evolving) biological systems
  9. Links to old pages
    • Topics that have been discussed in earlier years but are no longer part of the course.
      NOTE: topics are removed from the course for various reasons. Information on these pages might be outdated.
      (last updated in 2014-2015)