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- Add multiple coding (de Boer and Hogeweg, 2012)
- Add "coding structure in RNA world (Takeuchi and Hogeweg, 2008 & Colizzi and Hogeweg, 2014)

4 Constructive Evolution (overview)

Here we look at how the evolutionary process can be a constructive process (rather than merely optimizing).

external image Image196.gifIn this section
  1. Constructive evolution
    • Genetic algorithms (Holland)
  2. RNA Evolution
    • Adaptive landscapes
    • RNA secondary structure (Huynen)
    • Multi-One Genotype-Phenotype mapping
  3. Evolution on neutral network
    • Percolation on neutral paths
    • Adaptive versus neutral dynamics
    • tRNA target structure and punctuated evolution
  4. Phenotypic error-threshold
  5. Coding structures
  6. Gene regulation networks
    • Evolution and side-effects

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